Shungite Gemstone Circle Protection Plate


These shungite protection plates are circular-shaped, approximately 0.9" diameter.  Each plate has an adhesive back that you can attach to any object you wish.  It is best to test an area where you wish to use the double-sided tape on the shungite plate and use with respect to the item.

You will receive 1 plate.


Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Shungite Gemstone

Stone of Cleansing & Purification

Shungite is a powerful stone for purification and cleansing. It is also jointly a powerful stone for protection and shielding. The stone's dual powers work hand-in-hand to give you the most diverse portfolio. Shungite works by promoting a calm state of mind and spirit while also forcing out negativity and dark thoughts from the mind. Shungite cleanses the Astral, Earthen & Spiritual bodies while providing protection against curses, evil eyes, and psychic attacks. For crystal healers Shungite is a very powerful stone to amplify the metaphysical powers of other gemstones. Some consider it to be a miracle stone but in all cases it vibrates with intensity and purpose for purification and protection throughout life.

Shungite is a metallic-black or metallic-grey stone that is used to shield and protect against EMF electromagnetic radiation which is found in cell phones, computers, microwaves and televisions.

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Conway
Perfect for me little guy

Great for my son, uses it in his room by his bed at night.

Carrie White

Luv it my favorite crystal

Jill Julian

So HAPPY with my order. Swift shipping Thanks for the extras very thoughtful!!!