Shungite Polished Gemstone Cube - Multiple Sizes!

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Shungite Gemstone

Stone of Cleansing & Purification

Shungite is a powerful stone for purification and cleansing. It is also jointly a powerful stone for protection and shielding. The stone's dual powers work hand-in-hand to give you the most diverse portfolio. Shungite works by promoting a calm state of mind and spirit while also forcing out negativity and dark thoughts from the mind. Shungite cleanses the Astral, Earthen & Spiritual bodies while providing protection against curses, evil eyes, and psychic attacks. For crystal healers Shungite is a very powerful stone to amplify the metaphysical powers of other gemstones. Some consider it to be a miracle stone but in all cases it vibrates with intensity and purpose for purification and protection throughout life.

Shungite is a metallic-black or metallic-grey stone that is used to shield and protect against EMF electromagnetic radition which is found in cell phones, computers, microwaves and televisions.

- Root Chakra
- Earth Element

You will receive one cube of your choice of size.

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=^6_6^= *+*Victoria *+* =^O_O^=

Well worth the investment of the Shungite Polished Gemstone Cube. Super cute and amazing. Jade packaged all my items thoughtfully and carefully. I even got written papers with my orders telling me about my gemstones. Thank you a lot. is the coolest ever beautiful and amazingly great! 🥰 I opened up all the goodies aka gemstones and I was amazed by it all. You are talented Jade at shipping out the stuff I ordered. Also thanks again for being so patient with me, answered all my questions and been so kind. I hope you and your family stays safe over there and happy gifting! Take care Jade.✌️😄

Great gem shop !

I recommend the crystal gem shop to all of your crystal shopping needs. They won’t let you down with the quality gems. Just buy before their stocks runs out. They are a quality gems shop and they sell out fast!

Dvon Bridgeforth
Perfect meditation and alter piece.

I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered the Shungite but once I purified it with water, sea salt, and a combination of different herbs. I was able to reveal not only the pyrite within it also contained quart veins as well. I Loved the surprise stone as the god Frey claimed it the moment it was blessed.

Leonard D
Shungite stones

Thank you for your fast delivery! The Shungite stones are perfect. Much appreciated! I will definitely be buying from you again.

Melanie Sanderson

Shungite Polished Gemstone Cube