Bismuth Gemstone - Mini

Metaphysical Properties, Cleansing Power and Bismuth Meaning

The Stone of Clarity & Focus

Bismuth creates a solid and cohesive environment for understanding more advanced principles of magick. It is a gemstone that provides focus, clarity and connection with your spiritual self; allowing for revelations and power. It is a gemstone that promotes positive self-vision and will help you to understand yourself and your many, unique layers. It is a great stone to work with if you need to resolve differences between you and those you love as it promotes happiness and solidarity. Bismuth gives you the confidence and endurance to go after greater goals in your life. You will find this gemstone provides a unique outlook for life and helps you to stay on task. It is a supportive stone for shaman and cleansing work on all levels.

Bismuth crystal is distinctive as it has a stair-step structure that is square or rectangular in shape and is lab-grown. Sometimes Bismuth crystals can come to a point like a pyramid. They are iridescent with hues of blue, green, purple and gold.

You will receive one specimen 0.5"-0.75" on the longest side.

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Lots of everything

Everything I ordered was received in a timely matter. Each type of stone came in a little box with a label. Great surprise and service!

New favorite shop

I love everything about not only the gems themselves but the packaging, thought, and care that obviously went into it. The gems themselves where nicely wrapped in tissue paper, placed in an appropriate sized box with more protective cushioning, in a decorative bag inside another weatherproof bag. They also gave an explanation of the gem's properties, a thank you note, a business card telling you who packaged your gems, and a card with a code for an amount off your next purchase. 10 out of 10 do recommend and I will be ordering more.

Beautiful! Just as pictured

The stone is beautiful. Even larger than I expected. Also came with a free gift which was awesome. Will definitely be repurchasing from this store!