Sodalite Gemstone Polished 40mm Orb Sphere

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Sodalite

Stone for Communication Power

Sodalite is a tremendous stone for encouraging communication and interaction. It offers greater communication and bonding between you and your loved ones. Sodalite is a wonderful stone if you want to open the lines of communication between you and someone who you have not spoken to in awhile. It will also provide healing power for relationships under stress or that have deteriorated with time.

Sodalite is primarily a blue and white gemstone that can have variations of the hues and density of each color.

You will receive one orb, approximately 40mm.

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Sandra O
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Every time I order this it refunds me, says sold out but it still says available on the website 🥺

Tonia Jean Jordan
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Fast shipping. Excellent packaging. Love it