Spinel in Marble Natural Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Spinel

Stone of Enlightenment and Success in Career

Spinel is a gemstone that offers you visions, revelations, and insight to cultivate the path to enlightenment. The gemstone keeps you focused, helps you with endurance and integrity, and is the perfect gemstone to work with if you want a successful career. Working with Spinel helps dissolve stress and negative energy, and reinforce you with positive power. This gemstone is worked with for inspiration and creativity when you feel you are stuck in your path. Spinel offers direction when you are at a crossroads or you need to make an important decision, and it helps you realize what you are capable of in all situations. This stone has a calming and soothing energy while also providing positive motivation and determination through personal energy.

You will receive one spinel in marble gemstone of your choice of size (approximately);
Small is 1.25"- 1.5"
Medium is 1.75"-2 .25"
These specimens were mined in Vietnam.

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Spinel in marble