Sulphur Gemstone Natural Cluster

Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses of Sulphur

Stone for Positive Change

Sulphur is an incredible stone with many supernatural abilities. It helps you let go of bad habits and break the cycle of bad behavior. This gemstone clears distractions from your life and give you clarity. This helps you to see what you are doing wrong and make wise decisions. Sulphur guides you to understand the root of decisions you make, why you make them and how you can change things for the better. It brings divine light and energy into all areas of your life as you welcome happiness and peace.

Sulphur is a pale to bright yellow and can be solid or transparent. Some Sulphur specimens look like melted stone while others look like a bright yellow quartz. 

These specimens are from Louisiana.

You will receive 1 stone of your choice of size.

* Make sure to wash your hands after handling this stone. Prolonged contact, especially while sweating, may cause skin irritation.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Taylor
Yellow Sulphur

Beautiful gemstones, great service, above and beyond my expectations.

Rachel Selima

Oh wow. I've wanted some sulfur for awhile, and now I don't know why I held off for so long. This thing is GREAT. It's now part of my defense against my apartment complex's resident "shadow person," and is working well to that effect.

VERY impressive piece!

I had braced for my stone to come broken because of the heat in my area currently, but I was VERY surprised to find this (very LARGE) medium big boi all packed up perfectly, still in perfect condition!
I have also lovingly dubbed it 'Stinkrock', because we all know how Sulfur is lmao. No denying the strength it carries, though-- it's almost daunting.

Wonderful to have, just don't be surprised by its smell! Embrace it! (And then wash your hands)

Cheyenne DENMAN

Sulfur Gemstone Natural Cluster

Ching Long Lytongpao
Sulfur Gemstone Natural Cluster

The only reason why I rated this service 4 stars is due to the condition in which my order arrived in. I ordered 2 medium stones. When it arrived, one stone was in top notch shape but the other broke into several smaller stones. I did not file a complaint because I was still happy with the order. Thank you!