Harvest Gold Tangerine Aura Quartz Cluster

Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses of Tangerine Aura Quartz

Stone for Third Eye & DNA Activation

Tangerine aura quartz is your gateway to spiritual discovery and exploration. It is a stone you can meditate, wear and work with that brings out your natural connection and bond with the Spiritual Realm. With this gemstone you can discover greater paths about yourself and your future. The power of the stone clears negative energy and dissolves cloud energy that causes bad moods. The luminescent powers of the stone gives off a stabilizing energy that makes you feel more at ease and comfortable with your surroundings. It is a great stone for adaptation to change. With tangerine aura quartz you form a tighter bond between your 3 bodies for inter-communication and interaction. You will find your bodies engage one another at a higher rate of power. The stone clears blockages from your Third Eye and lifts restrictions within your Third Eye for receiving prophetic visions. When you work with tangerine aura quartz it will activate all of your DNA bringing forward your paranormal DNA for change and morphing within your daily life. The stone brings courage, bravery and endurance for victory in difficult situations; making it a precious resource for those going through any psychic or emotional trauma.

You will receive 1 cluster, of your choice of size, on the longest side:

Small: 1.5"-2.4"
Medium: 2.5"-3.25"
Large: 3.3"-4"
X-Large: 4.1"-5"

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Excellent service

Quick shipping and beautiful gems included. Will shop from again!

jill tung

Such a beautiful piece. I love all of the crystals I got here!