Tektite Tumbled Raw Rough Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Tektite Gemstone

Stone for Ancient Power

Tektite awakens your conscious connection with ancient and prehistoric eras of Earth. It provides a strong presence of organic and raw ancient energies. Working with Tektite will align you with ethereal energy that is grounded with the Earth, allowing you to feel as though you have your feet on the soil and your head in the stars. For this reason Tektite is a wonder to meditate with as it unblocks the mortal walls of the mind and encourages your consciousness to explore and learn. If you want to pursue a path of lucid dreaming, astral travel, meditation or telekinesis then working with Tektite can help you to hone and craft those abilities. Tektite works as a natural truth serum as it speaks to the core of you and to the primal forces of ethereal bliss and Earthen animalism. The stone can help you differentiate between those around you who are good and bad, loyal and disloyal, honest and liars, and true friends or two-faced.

Tektite is a black stone with a pitted surface. Tektite is considered to be the product of a meteoric impact with Earth, or the result of a fiery explosion. You will receive one stone in the size range you have chosen.

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Customer Reviews

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Jinger Cahill

Everything is always just what to expect. Never been disappointed. Always great. Also nice packaging, but more importantly, they make sure to protect product from breakage.


Never disappointed with any of the quality. Will definitely order more.

Rachel Selima

Love the other-wordly and grounding vibes that come from this stone. Super energetic.

Random Illusions Podcast
Amazing tektite!!

For anyone in search of an affordable alternative to moldavite, consider tektite. I have been working with the amazing piece of tektite that I purchased from Crystal Gemstone Shop since it arrived and it is every bit as powerful as moldavite. Highly recommend.

Iso Novoso
Good Quality!

worth the wait this tektite is good quality.Glad to expand my collection. Thank you...