Topaz Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Topaz

Stone of the Sorcerer

Topaz is a sorcerer's stone; facilitating the natural flow of magic & mysticism. Topaz is a strong gemstone whose energies incite willful confidence and action throughout life. It speaks to the mind in a clear voice and it can encourage work with the Akashic Records. For those who want to discover new inspiration and drive energy through their work in life, Topaz is a wonderful stone. This stone motivates you to seek your passions in life and to find success doing what you love the most. It is one of the few gemstones that works with the same strength through all dimensions in the Universe.

Topaz comes in a rainbow of colors and is most often found in blue, brown, clear, gold, pink, purple, and rutilated.

You will receive 1 stone; approximately 0.6"-1.2" each.

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Customer Reviews

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So pretty!

Yolanda Agosto
Beautiful, just beautiful

I love this crystal. The price was great and the size is perfect. I will order more.

Haley La Barge
Amazing stone

I always felt drawn to topaz and im glad i got it is perfect

Yasha U. Ratajczak
Dazzling Topaz

Fantastic gemstones beautiful vibrant color. High quality, very beautiful.

Shanna Riley
These are beautiful stones, with such a high positive...

These are beautiful stones, with such a high positive energy! I'm very happy with these. Always love everything about my purchases from this shop.