Tricolor Aura Rainbow Titanium Quartz Point

Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses of Rainbow Titanium Quartz

Stone of All Chakras

Titanium rainbow quartz stimulates all Chakras for inner-communication and balance between each of your Chakras and your 3 bodies. This gemstone fosters healing energy during all healing activities and amplifies healing energy throughout your 3 bodies. Titanium rainbow quartz brings clarity of mind for correcting bad life decisions. The gemstone provides connection and interaction with angelic beings. It acts as a prism for your soul to shine into all areas of life. As a prism you will radiate ethereal energy and will feel a divine connection with the Universe and the spirit world.

You will receive 1 Tricolor Aura Rainbow Titanium Quartz point, approximately 1.5"-2.25" long.

Aura quartz is a finish created through a vacuum process on a natural quartz crystal, giving the crystal a vibrant and incredible finish that pairs the energy of the crystal and divine metals. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Katrina Nesslar
Love these and this website

So beautiful I had to order another for my son because we both loved it so much we each wanted one of our own ❤️

Colleen McKinney

I can't really answer as much as I like because it was/is a gift for my oldest daughter and she hasn't been able to come get her gifts yet! I did think it is quite a beautiful stone and was a little jealous I didn't buy it for myself but I already have one.

Lorraine Kenworthy
Aura Rainbow Titanium Quartz

I love the colors in this Crystal. Delivery was fast & I definitely recommend this shop!

Very nice