Unakite Gemstone Pyramid Polished

Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses of Unakite

 Stone of Abundance and Happiness

Unakite is a stone of abundance and happiness. Unakite is a strong gemstone that resonates with the emotions of love, wonderment, harmony, and hope. This stone helps you unearth the hidden emotions and repressed emotions from within. Unakite is an uplifting and inspirational gemstone that directs your focus towards what is truly important in your life. This is a great stone for understanding and empowering your emotions and personal state of mind. Unakite helps you to overcome troubled areas of your life and become more invested in your happiness.

Pyramids are generators of power. They pull energy through the point and disperse energy through their base. Pyramids are incredible shapes to keep near you as they promote consistency of spiritual energy. The pyramid shape encourages the flow of energy through the Root Chakra to the Heart Chakra. Working with the pyramid shape provides clarity and visions.

You will receive one pyramid of your choice of size:

Medium: approximately 1.5" at the base

Large: approximately 2" at the base

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Beautiful stone!
Amazing and bigger than I thought!