Varisite Gemstone Tumbled Polished

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Varisite Gemstone

 Stone to Strengthen Weakness

Variscite is the original Worry Stone. The gemstone soothes raw nerves, helps to calm anxiety, and injects peace and tranquility into your life. Variscite works well to recall memories of past lives and help you to move past events that have followed you from past lives into this life. If you have an overactive mind Variscite can help to calm your thoughts and guide you to organizing your ideas, memories and thoughts into active and helpful processes. Variscite strengthens your intuition and your natural, psychic abilities. If you want to become more self-reliant, self-confident and aware of your Destiny in life then working with Variscite encourages positive development and true happiness.

Variscite is a green and black, green and silver, or green and brown gemstone. The green ranges from traditional green to Kelly green and even emerald green. You will receive one stone between 1/2"-1" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I love it!!

I carry it with me a lot.

Beautiful and helpful!

These are beautiful stones and I have found out that life is much better when you are wearing it. LOVE IT!

Nice size stone

Haven’t had a chance to use this crystal yet, but it’s a nice size and color. Look forward to using this crystal in meditation and adding it to a wire cage to wear as a necklace.

Thank you .

Thank you . Very nice stone.