Gemstone Crystal Vogel

Extreme Focus & Amplification of Life Force

You will receive one gemstone cut in the 16-sided method developed by Marcel Vogel. The purpose of the shape is to amplify the interaction between you and the Universal Life Force which surrounds us all. While using the Vogel gemstone you both send & receive the powers of the Universal Life Force within your 3 bodies and simultaneously amplify the powers of the stone itself. It refracts the supernatural gifts and abilities which each stone naturally possesses through yourself and your life. Every you feel in working with a gemstone you will feel more strongly & more personally. Likewise when you use the Vogel for any kind of self-improvement work, introspection, energy manipulation, or evolution you both receive and expel powerful shifts of Life Force energy from within.

When you use your Vogel during meditation, quiet time, casting rituals or spells, interacting with spirits, etc you enter a deep stage of focus and realization. What you previously worked with you now work with on a grander and more empowering stage. The Vogel stone provides a vast shift of power from within you and allows you to realize and harmonize with yourself, the Universe, magick, spirits, entities, energies, etc. You create a prismatic connection which can provide and support you on a level you can hardly imagine.

Vogels are a must-have for anyone who wants to really further their work in magick or the paranormal because it acts as a supreme conduit between you and the mystical paths available. You can keep the Vogel near you or hold it in your hand to fully appreciate the level and breadth of power it can extend to you. You will find your mind, body & spirit are far more engaged and interactive with a Vogel tool.

These vogels are approximately 1.8"-2.3" long.

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Gemstone Crystal Vogel


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Was absolutely fantastic! I recieved my order on time and it was packaged so nicely that I felt like I was opening a gift from a loved one! I couldn't of asked for better service I highly recommend ordering from this company and I will definitely be ordering from them again!