Dendritic White Agate Tumbled Palm Stone Reiki Meditation Palm Stone

Connect with the Spiritual

Is your life missing something at the moment? Dendritic agate may be able to help you overcome that feeling! Part of the agate family, this stone is known as the gemstone of plentitude, reportedly bringing abundance and fullness to every aspect of your life. Available in a range of white, gray, and colorless hues, it holds an aesthetic appeal in addition to a spiritual one, featuring tree-like manganese or iron inclusions called dendrites.

If you’re ready to place an order, note that you’ll receive a single agate palm stone that is about 2” to 3” in size.

Spiritual Clarity & Wisdom

Dendritic agate’s meaning may be personal to each user, but its metaphysical properties have driven many to it over the years. This gorgeous stone is said to help people connect with the spiritual realm. It resonates with pure celestial energy, providing users with enhanced clarity regarding life goals and spiritual practices.

This stone is also able to activate one’s spiritual wisdom, and working with it may be the key to resolving difficult personal issues. All in all, this comforting stone will produce positive energy in your life. Order palm agate and see the effects for yourself!

Find Your Gem Friend Today

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, we are excited to offer gemstones that are captivating to the eye and to the heart due to their metaphysical properties. Whether you’re simply a stone collector or you’re searching for stones for spiritual practices, we’ve got you covered with our broad gemstone collection.

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