Smoky Quartz Stones for Soul Gazing

If you could use a little more stability in your life, then our window smoky quartz is your best friend. This is because smoky quartz’s properties include its ability to stabilize your energy levels if you’re feeling overwhelmed or frazzled. The metaphysical meaning of smoky quartz also includes its power to clear and purify negative energy, as well as help you to take the most practical steps possible to achieve your dreams.

Why You Need Window Smoky Quartz Stones in Your Life

Window smoky quartz, also known as the “stone of power,” was once integral in magical rites and ceremonies for guiding souls to the afterlife. Today, this smoky stone continues to be highly honored and respected for use in spiritual ceremonies, rituals, divination, and scrying.

Why is this beautiful brown and clear stone so popular among magic lovers? Because the stone is said to bar evil beings from entering the world, essentially serving as a protective force. Some say that the stone can guard against haunting forces, negative energies, stress, and even psychic attacks. And if you’re into soul gazing, this stone may assist you in your journey to see in your soul’s depths.

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Andre Walden

I love my new window amoky quartz

Somer Healey
Such a wonderful shop!

Such a wonderful shop! Everything I have ordered has such an amazing quality and the seller is so kind. Excellent communication :)

lana lee
Very sweet Window Stone.

Very sweet Window Stone. Nice merchandise.