Yellow Candle Magic - Taper Paraffin Unscented Chime Candle

 You will receive one (1) Yellow Paraffin Unscented Chime Candle, measuring approximately 4" tall and approximately 0.5" thick. 

Chime Candles have a burn time of approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on conditions.

Candles may feature small imperfections, as wax is delicate. Please ensure that packages are brought indoors promptly, as prolonged heat exposure will result in melting.

This item is non-returnable once shipped, as we cannot accept a return of an item which has been burned.

Candles should only be used in an open and safe setting, away from materials that could catch flame. They must be kept out of reach of children and pets. Please place candles on a fire-proof surface when burning.

The Art of Candle Magic

The use of Candles to inform the Intention of a spiritual practice is widely acknowledged and just as widely varied! Because of their association with the Fire and Air Elements, Candles are excellent for drawing in decisive, active energy and for inspiring motivation. They represent cleansing and purification, as well as the bright beacon of our focus when used in ritual or meditation. From this innate tie to the spark of the soul and forward impetus comes the practice of using Candles as spiritual tools and staple items of the altar.

Candle Magic can be practiced in several ways, enhancing works of manifestation or cleansing, with the color of the Candle informing and strengthening the Intention for its use. For this reason, different Colors of Candle have different meanings and may be used for different purposes. 

Used for passionate love, desire, motivation, and decisiveness. Red is the color of courage and strength, and can be used in circumstances where we know we need to move forward. It draws in sensual and confident energy and dispels doubt or indecisiveness.

Used for creativity, imagination, freeing the self, and release of negative emotions. Orange is a color of freedom and perseverance, and can be used in circumstances where we need a new perspective or mindset. It draws in forgiveness, emotional healing, and broader horizons and dispels mental ruts and negative cycles.

Used for resolving stress, inspiring joy, celebration, and friendship. Yellow is a color of happiness and wellbeing, and can be used in circumstances where we want to show gratitude for our blessings. It draws in wisdom, understanding, and compassion, and dispels envious thoughts and dissatisfaction.

Used for fertility, abundance, prosperity, and blessings. Green is a color of plenty, and can be used in circumstances where we wish to experience growth of any kind. It draws in generosity, opportunity, and luck and dispels disharmony and spiritual fatigue.

Used for honesty, loyalty, communication, and relationships. Blue is the color of fidelity and truth, and can be used in circumstances where we need guidance and support. It draws in deeper connections with those around us, self trust, intuitive knowledge, and honest devotion, and dispels worry and miscommunication.

Violet Purple
Used for spiritual enlightenment, protective psychic fields, intuition, and dream work. Purple is the color of the spiritual journey and self actualization, and can be used in circumstances where we seek to revolutionize our mindset or look beyond the everyday. It draws in hidden knowledge, mental and emotional protection, and focus and dispels psychic blockages and voids.

Fuschia Pink
Used for emotional healing, affectionate love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Pink is the color of compassion and nurturing, and can be used in circumstances where we are seeking a more stable and positive landscape for our heart or mind. It draws in genuine love, tenderness, and an abundance of blessings and dispels disconnection and emotional wounds.

Used for protection, banishing negativity, strengthening resolve, and grief. Black is the color of overcoming hardship and growing into our own power, and can be used in circumstances where we must release our encumbrances or need to shield ourselves from negative influence. It draws in patience, resilience, adaptability, and power and dispels constraining mindsets or blockages.

Used for cleansing, balancing, harmony, and protection. White is the color of trying again and beginning anew, and can be used when we want to introduce harmony in hectic situations or create a fresh start for ourselves. It draws in calm and soothing energy, mental clarity, spiritual healing, and acceptance and dispels chaotic emotions and impulses.

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