Yellow Obsidian Gemstone Tumbled Polished

Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses of Yellow Obsidian

Stone of Clearing Negative Energy

Yellow Obsidian is a powerful stone that burns away negative energy and promotes a well-balanced atmosphere. When meditated with, Yellow Obsidian provides clarity along with an open mind for a greater path towards enlightenment. Yellow Obsidian is also a useful stone for both viewing auras & protecting auras as it provides support for channeling through the third eye and dissolving negative energy before it can come through. Yellow Obsidian is a beautiful, happy stone that is a crowning jewel of any altar, crystal grid or collection.

Yellow Obsidian is a translucent stone with a yellow hue that can range from very pale to quite bright.

You will receive one stone between 0.7"-1" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Yellow Obsidian

I'm very pleased with the tumbled polished yellow obsidian.
These are great pocket stones or to put in your purse to dispell negotivity.
They arrived in good condition, when they were expected. I will use Crystal Gemstone Shop again in the future. Thank you

This was a surprise...

I got this stone as a "free" birthday crystal and I can say it is a large, smooth, nicely consistent yellow colour with a beautiful feeling! I actually posted to my social media about the amazing experience it caused with me and my orange cat, Fuego, who fell in love with it!

Very fast shipping.

Very fast shipping. Beautiful specimen! Great communication.