Watermelon Aura Quartz Double Terminated Point | Pink Aura & Lime Aura

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These cute and quirky double terminated crystal wands are the perfect addition to your collection! The lovely jewel tones of Rainbow Aura Quartz are a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. The nearly holographic shine of Aura Quartz crystals is created when a titanium oxide blend is applied to a Quartz crystal base. This is why the gemstone is sometimes called Titanium Aura Quartz or Rainbow Quartz. Although the Quartz beneath the coating is natural, this coloration of the crystal does not exist in nature and could not come into being without human intervention. Although Rainbow Aura Quartz gems are treated stones, they are popular for their beauty and are used in spiritual practice as well.

The tones of these Rainbow Quartz wands are Pink Aura and Lime Aura, a lively and joyful combination! Pink Aura Quartz (sometimes called Sweetheart Aura Quartz) resonates with positivity and affection, reminding us of the things we love, the traits we admire, and our deepest desires. It is known for bringing romantic feelings to the surface and inspires us to be more attentive in our relationships. The meaning of Lime Aura Quartz is abundance, happiness, and passion. It's a magnificent gemstone to work with for manifestation since it is associated with confidence and opportunity.

Aura Quartzes of any kind are a natural Quartz base treated with titanium dioxide in order to create a beautiful iridescent shine. While this nearly-holographic gleam is not found in nature, they are a testament to human creativity and make beautiful gifts!

Product Information:
You will receive one Watermelon Aura Quartz crystal wand measuring approximately 3.75 - 4 inches long from point to point.

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Beautiful colors

So beautiful and vibrate colors love it. Happy to have and I feel like one I got this my vibes has change for the greater worth buying.