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Metaphysical Properties, Meaning, and Uses of Opalite

Stone for Communication 

Discover the captivating charm of the Opalite Crystal, a gemstone renowned for its alluring translucency and iridescent play of colors. Ideal for collectors and gem lovers alike, Opalite is celebrated for its unique visual appeal and the subtle elegance it adds to any piece. Whether you're looking to enhance your crystal collection or find a distinctive decorative item, the Opalite Crystal stands out for its beauty and the intriguing Opalite Meaning associated with its history.

Opalite is a magnetic stone which attracts success, prosperity, wealth and good luck to all areas of your life.  It stimulates creative thinking and observant senses for being aware of profitable opportunities in your life.  When you use the gemstone during meditation it will lull you into a fully relaxed state of mind, spirit and body.  You will quickly receive messages and visions from the spiritual world and the messages given to you are more personal and relevant to your life.  When kept in the home opalite will help you quickly adapt to changes in your life and find ways to positively incorporate any change into a brighter future.  You can use the stone to shape and cultivate a better destiny for yourself.

Opalite is a milky white stone with rainbow hues of blue, green, pink and purple that come through the stone as you turn it or view it from various angles. It is manmade with reconstituted opal, and as such marries together creativity and confidence.

You will receive one orb, measuring approximately 20mm.

Is opalite man made?

Yes, an opalite crystal is man made, meaning that it is not a naturally forming crystal.

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Beautiful orb, fast delivery

Shaylee Gilner

Opalite Manmade Gemstone Sphere - 20mm - Single Orb

Beautiful Orbs

I bought several and put them with some other small orbs in a Selenite moon bowl. Love them❤

John Geres
Totally satisfied

In love with my new Opalite marble! It is beautiful, arrived early, and came with some free stones! I am very grateful, and would definitely recommend this shop for your gemstones.

Patricia Larson
Spheres were beautiful. Thank you

Spheres were beautiful. Thank you