Silver Leaf Jasper Gemstone Orb Sphere - Stone of Grounding! - 20mm

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Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Silver Leaf Jasper

 Stone for Grounding to Earth

Silver Leaf Jasper is a stone that grounds you to the core energies of the Earth.  The stone is a solid foundation for nurturing serenity & tranquility within the spirit.  You will find greater mental clarity and a higher function within your spiritual self when Silver Leaf Jasper is used during meditation.  If you like to astral travel Silver Leaf Jasper is a natural form of protection.  The stone facilitates the feeling of being secure and guarded.  Silver Leaf Jasper is a mesmerizing stone filled with ethereal & earthen energies.

Silver Leaf Jasper appears in muted hues of green and grey while also having varieties of vibrant hues of red, beige, pink and dark grey.

You will receive one 20mm orb.

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Very nice and pleased as always!

Beth A Mikovits

Silver Leaf Jasper 20mm Gemstone Orb Sphere

Patricia Dodd
Silver leaf jasper

Its like a marble. Very pretty! Thank you!

Farah VanGenderen
Love these!

I have two of the orbs that I use while concentrating and focusing on problem solving. Perfect for keeping my hands busy so my brain can focus on the job at hand. They are also a beautiful to look at.