Tiger Iron Natural Tumbled Stone - Single Stone

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These tiger iron stones feature distinct bands that make them a common choice for various crystal collectors around the world. If you're looking to pick up a few tumbled tiger iron stones, then we hope you love these! 

These tiger iron gemstones measure approximately 0.5" - 1" long.

Specimens are natural materials and may feature more Hematite or more Tiger Jasper, depending on the piece. Specimens may feature small dips, pits, internal fractures, or inclusions inherent to the growth patterns of the stone.

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Tiger Iron

Stone for Awakening the Inner Warrior

Tiger Iron (also called Mugglestone) is a beautiful stone that invigorates your 3 bodies and awakens the inner warrior. If you are in need of courage, victory or stamina this is a tremendous gemstone to work with. Tiger iron promotes healthy and long-lasting changes in your life that move you towards enlightenment or goals of evolution. It is a powerful stone which helps you to overcome your obstacles in life and forge a new path for your happiness. The stone is also a creative resource for artists and strikes deep, emotional veins from within you. It will help you to make wise decisions in your personal life, help make you a leader among others, and give you the energy and grace to achieve success. It provides a range of protective energies for your senses, Chakras and aura; keeping you from being unjustly influenced. The stone is highly active and touches your supernatural gifts.

Crystal healers claim that Tiger-Iron is a crystal that can offer immense benefits to empaths due to its grounding and protective properties. Individuals who have the tendency to absorb and experience the emotions and energies of others are said to find solace in this powerful crystal. By utilizing Tiger-Iron, crystal healers claim empaths can establish a strong sense of stability and balance, which allows them to navigate the world without feeling overwhelmed or drained by external influences.

Moreover, Crystal healers claim that Tiger-Iron acts as a shield of protection for empaths. They say it forms an energetic barrier around the individual, safeguarding them from absorbing excessive negativity or unwanted energies from others. This shielding effect supposedly helps empaths create healthier boundaries, preventing them from becoming overwhelmed or out of touch with their own emotions and needs.

Crystal healers also claim that Tiger-Iron stones offer a reliable shield for individuals seeking protection against psychic attacks, whether they are intentional or unintentional. That say it is particularly beneficial for those who easily absorb the emotions and energies of others, this crystal acts as a grounding and protective force. According to crystal practitioners, by wearing or carrying Tiger-Iron, natural empaths can find solace in its ability to safeguard their well-being and prevent overwhelming sensations.

Crystal practitioners also claim that tiger-iron crystals elevate creativity and serve as a wellspring of inspiration. They state that energies offer a fresh perspective and innovative ideas, fostering the birth of new and imaginative concepts. Furthermore, they claim the stone possesses the ability to quell turbulent emotions, allowing individuals to make rational decisions driven by reason rather than volatile feelings.

Tiger Iron is also known as Mugglestone, as South African Tiger Iron can be found in the Mugglestein Priska District. It is a variant of Tiger eye which exhibits distinct and strong Hematite inclusion, sometimes with intergrowth of Red Jasper and Tiger Jasper. It can feature hues of brown, tan, red and silver-grey. Some specimens may be far richer in hematite with just a little Tiger Eye, Tiger Jasper, or Red Jasper while others may be mostly red jasper or mostly Tiger Eye. The contents and saturation levels of each specimen will be different based on its growth pattern.

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Tiger Iron Gemstone Tumbled Polished