Amazonite: Stone of the Inner Spirit

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A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the stunning Amazonite gemstone.

Amazonite Gemstone Palm Meditation Stone

Stone of the Inner Spirit

Amazonite is a stone that can take your breath away when they are a Caribbean ocean blue, or a Robin's egg blue, and can feature a peppering of ivory, white, black and/or brown.  Amazonite comes in a range of colors from a dusty blue-green shade to a bright & beautiful blue-teal.

Many ask, where does amazonite come from? Well, despite the name, there is virtually no evidence to suggest that it is mined from the Amazon river.

Pronunciation: /amə-zənaɪt/

Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Amazonite is a stunning gemstone whose hues are inspiring for your spirit.  The gemstone has a tranquil energy that provides a manifestation of courage, fidelity and honesty.  The more you work with the gemstone the stronger you feel a connection to your inner self.  This gemstone stimulates and works with all of your Chakras keeping them cleansed, aligned and filled with energy.  This gemstone will stimulate and reveal your Third Eye's potential in this life.  You will find amazonite is a balancing gemstone that restores your esoteric powers and strengths. This gemstone has been used to work with mystical amulets and create talismans of magic by ancient peoples.  It is a gemstone beloved and admired throughout the Middle East and Africa.  Uncover your full abilities and supernatural powers. Some say the amazonite healing properties are:

  • Stone for Courage
  • Stone for your Inner Spirit
  • Stone for Chakra Work
  • Stone for Third Eye Meditation
  • Stone for Ancient Energy

Amazonite has been a favorite throughout the ancient world in uses throughout the globe with mystical practices and bejeweled accessories.  Amazonite is an enriching stone, bringing you encouragement and welcoming energies to focus and power through your day; learning more & more about yourself and your endurance.

Amazonite Slabs

The Wrap Up

Amazonite is a stone for those who want to learn about themselves, who want to explore the opportunities and possibilities of self, and who want to advance a positive message and connection throughout their lives.  Amazonite is an ancient herald of remarkable mysticism and insightful wisdom that fuels our curiosity and spectrum of self-awareness.


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