Free gems, coupons, & special rewards?  Yes, please! 😍

Our Crystal Points rewards program is designed to spoil you & show you how much we appreciate you as a customer 💜

Reap the rewards of being the rock star you know you are & grab some shiny gems, awesome coupons, and free shipping as you earn crystal points with every order 💎

The more gems & jewels you bring home the more perks & rewards you earn throughout the year. 

 Check My Rewards

Once you earn your crystal points you can redeem them for lots of different types of rewards. 🎁   

We usually have several free gemstone offers available for multiple levels of points; rough stones, chips, tumbled stones.  We also offer bigger rewards like free gemstone mystery boxes or a mixed bag of tumbled gems 😁


You can redeem rewards at any time, but only 1 coupon code can be used per order.  If you choose to redeem your rewards for a free item, the item must be in your cart and you apply the reward code during the checkout process.