Apache Tear

Metaphysical Properties of Apache Tear

The apache tear gemstone is a part of the obsidian family, and is known as an “obsidianite” or “Marekanite.” People often find this stone more appealing than traditional obsidian because the apache tear has such an organic presence, full of dips and texture, with an uneven perlite haze on its surface. The name of the stone is said to have been derived from a legend about Indigenous women whose tears turned to stone as they grieved loved ones who were lost to war.

The emotional healing abilities of apache tear are myriad, as it is a stone said to absorb and filter away negativity and grief. For those who have experienced great loss, Apache Tear can be used to assist in grounding and seeking stability. This gives us the chance to truly process and accept the emotions that might otherwise overwhelm us. In this way, Apache Tear has been used as a protective stone against psychic attacks and malevolent spirits.

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