Best Gemstones for Beginners

Best Gemstones for Beginners

Best Gemstones for Beginners

When it comes to starting crystals and gems, many people don't know where to start. There are just so many different stones, some of them look similar to others, and there are so many different ways to meditate with them. When looking at gemstone website, you will see rows and rows of gemstones, and it can become a little daunting.

Truthfully, there is no real go-to beginner for some people. They just follow their heart and look into the stones they think are best. But, for a lot of people, quartz, jasper, amethyst, and others are common choices. They are accessible, look good, and are easy to work with.

Why Start?

While crystal collecting seems like a modern fad or trend that has only really picked up steam in recent years, the truth is that stones have been popular since...forever. This is not too surprising. People love jewelry, gems, and stuff that is pleasing to the eye. Even if you aren't a collector, there is no denying that plenty of stones are just downright gorgeous. A proper fit in a ring, crown, or necklace can bring out the high points of human creativity.

So, a lot of people start collecting crystals because they look good. You can set up towers, orbs, monoliths, or just normal tumbled stones on a counter or a desk, and it spices things up a tad. Have you ever had your stone on a shelf or a countertop and had someone say, "wow! That's gorgeous? What kind of stone is that?" We certainly have. 

Another common reason people start collecting is that they want to work with them in meditation. It's no secret that many collect stones use them for cleansing purposes or to reinforce positivity in a space.

Beginner Stones

As stated, there are a few common choices for people who are just starting out. They are jasper (usually red), quartz, and amethyst. Others include bloodstone, chalcedony, tiger's eye, and sodalite. These stones are easy to find and are good stepping stones for those who are just starting a collection.

Collection of Common Gemstones

Some of these stones are also regarded as foundational in meditation. Amethyst is good for sleep, meditation, and helping cultivate internal power. Quartz is a bulwark for cleansing and guidance. Red Jasper is also a good start for working with elements, particularly the Earth element. We can give you a quick rundown of some of our top choices below.

Quick Facts

  • Amethyst: Power From Within
  • Bloodstone: Amplify Life Force
  • Carnelian: Love & Courage
  • Citrine: Cleansing Power
  • Fancy Jasper: Tranquil Spirit
  • Fluorite: Universal Consciousness
  • Green Aventurine: Opportunity & Good Luck
  • Hematite: Natural Balance
  • Labradorite: Waking Magical Power
  • Moss Agate: Organic Power
  • Quartz: Embodiment of Power
  • Red Jasper: Earthen Energy
  • Rose Quartz: Love
  • Serpentine: Prosperity
  • Sodalite: Communication of Power
  • Tiger Eye: Protection

Gemstone Collector Set

Gemstone Set for Beginners


Crystals and gemstones are nature's true beauties, but they are not a substitute for seeking professional medical, legal, health, or financial advice.  Crystals and gemstones are to be used in conjunction with any professional care you are receiving and do not provide healing, cures, or other remedies modern medicine can provide.  The information provided in our listings with regard to the powers of crystals and gemstones are all derived from personal & professional experience with crystals & gems as well as ancient wisdom and texts documenting knowledge gained from civilizations around the world.  They are not backed by the FDA or scientific/government resources.  Our crystals & gemstones are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or malady.  Our crystals and gemstones are also not a replacement for seeking professional legal advice, financial advising, or any other field of professional expertise.  Crystals and gemstones are intended to be appreciated for their natural power and beauty, and used alongside modern, professional methods.

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