Blue Aragonite

Metaphysical Properties of blue aragonite

Blue Aragonite is an enchanting stone that amplifies the power of magic and magical talismans. When you work with Blue Aragonite alongside your ritual, ceremony, or spell work it will strengthen the magic you cast. Blue Aragonite can also balance magical currents around you and dispel negative energy from within your magical amulets. This gemstone assists in soothing and removing anxiety, fear, stress, and negative emotions that keep you from achieving success in your life. Blue Aragonite is wonderful to work with if you want to elevate your creative mind and keep any thoughts of failure or rejection at bay so you can truly shine.

Blue Aragonite is pale pastel blue and sometimes has white flecks or sparkle to the gemstone. Some specimens may feature semi-translucence, depending on where they were sourced. It may exhibit natural pits or caverns due to the growth patterns of the stone.

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