Blue Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Blue Rose Quartz

Blue Rose Quartz (also known as Dusky Rose Quartz) is a rare variety of Rose Quartz which usually appears in shades of pale grey-blue to lavender, but can also form alongside regular pink specimens. Like its blush-colored cousin, Blue Rose Quartz is a stone of love, acceptance, and emotional healing associated with the Heart Chakra.

It is a stone for soothing tensions, resentments, envy, and jealousy, because it inspires harmony and fidelity through emanations of pure and unconditional affection. This pure and long-lasting sense of connection is one that endures in all forms: romantic love, familial love, platonic love, and self love.

Working with Blue Rose Quartz is a refreshing and enveloping experience, giving the sense of being welcomed and cherished by the Universe. It is a tender and nurturing stone, strengthening empathic and intuitive abilities as we become more attuned to those around us.

Blue Rose Quartz is considered to have inclusions of blue dumortierite or sodalite, which give the stone it's bluish hue.  Quartz Crystal is a clear canvas, on which many minerals can collide, creating a watercolor-like array of hues.  Blue Rose Quartz is a name considered controversial for some, because Rose Quartz indicates a pink quartz crystal, so it cannot be both Blue and Rose Quartz. 

However, natural stones called Blue Rose Quartz do usually exhibit both a pink and blue hue; sometimes called lavender.  Despite the controversy over the name, it is a natural stone (typically from Madagascar).

Blue Rose Quartz Crystal

Blue Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Blue Rose Quartz is a gemstone that promotes great strength from within.  It is a Quartz Crystal is used by crystal healing practitioners for greater opening of the Heart Chakra.  It's soothing color makes Blue Rose Quartz a favorite for meditation.  It is a stone that:

  • Promotes opening the Heart Chakra
  • Self-love and acceptance
  • Balance and harmony from within
  • Soothing negative feelings or emotions

Blue Rose Quartz Rock

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