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Coprolites remain as unique material for gemstones or crystal collections. What is a coprolite? Well, coprolite is petrified fecal matter. Stuff like dinosaur coprolite is well-known, not just among archaeologists paleontologists, but for those who like to try and create some coprolite jewelry. It's a relic of the past, for sure.

Coprolite has little use for the average person. For paleontology, however, it is the main method of determining the diet of extinct creatures. Most coprolites contain some or all of the material the animal consumed.  Coprolites can be found around the world, but they thrive in dry environments, but they can also be found in arctic regions. Caves are the ideal location for coprolite preservation.

Image of a collection of coprolite stones against a plain background

Coprolites do have some issues, other than their ideal climate. They may store unintentionally consumed items. Samples often have items that cannot be digested and may not really reflect what they ate. Coprolites also don’t paint a full picture of a creature’s diet.

Certain spiritual collectors find this to be an intriguing piece of fossilized history; they claim that it has certain properties that ground them to earth and the past. Thus, coprolite jewelry has become a somewhat popular trend in recent years.

Scientific Information 

Common Questions

How to tell if a coprolite is real? Most coprolites look like excrement. However, if you are looking at coprolite jewelry and are curious, then it becomes more difficult. Most have a distinctive appearance with minor inclusions, but without equipment, it can be hard to identify properly.

How can coprolites tell scientists what a dinosaur might have eaten? Scientists can analyze what remains embedded, such as bone shards, plant matter, or even seeds can tell a scientist if it was a carnivore, omnivore, or an herbivore. Even the shape can be a clue about the animal as a whole.

How do coprolites form? It takes thousands of years, though many are millions of years old, of minerals replacing this matter. Whatever organic material was there is essentially reduced to stone until it is barely or no longer present. 

Coprolite misspellings: Koprolite, coporlite, caprolite, coprolit

Coprolite pronunciation: /kɔɪt/ or /kɔp.rə.laɪt/ (kaw-pro-light) or (kaw-pruh-light)

Hardness: N/A

Lustre: Dull

Crystal System: N/A

Etymology: From Greek “kopros” meaning excrement

Location: Found globally, but mining localities exist in the U.S.A. and Sweden.

Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysically, some believe that coprolite can act as a grounding agent that cam promote humor and happiness. Others believe it can connect one with nature. Thus, some believe it as a:

  • Stone of Happiness
  • Stone of Humor
  • Stone of Gratitude
  • Stone of Life

Those who use coprolites in their meditation believe they can find a channel to the past and find ancient wisdom. These claims are not backed by science.

Image of a bunch of coprolite stones against a plain background

The Wrap Up

Coprolites are unique, fascinating, and many scientists frequently study them to unlock past knowledge. Sometimes, they find a place in jewelry or crystal collections because, let's be real, they are kind of strange and fascinating at the same time.

What do you think? Are you planning on adding coprolite to your crystal collection any time soon?


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