Metaphysical Properties of Coral

Coral is a powerful fossilized organism that has deep roots in the ancient world. Egyptians placed Coral in the tombs of loved ones to protect them against the evil spirits they would encounter in their journey to the afterlife. In Greek mythology the blood of Medusa, the tragic Gorgon, turned into coral when they hit the waters of the sea. Coral is a highly active stone that fills you with appreciation and joy for all of life around you. Coral helps to restore your zest for life, especially if you have recently been through hardships. Coral is also thought to be a magnet for feelings of love, affection, attachment, and attraction.

Coral is a beautiful fossil that comes in an array of colors from black, blue, orange, peach, pink, red, and white. It often features the unique pattern of the coral type that it was in life. Since it is a fossilized organic material, it may feature pits, caverns, or other irregularities, as fossils have endured many thousands (sometimes millions) of years to reach us in the present day.

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