Desert Rose Selenite

Metaphysical Properties of Desert Rose

Desert Rose or Selenite Rose is a fantastic stone for working with when you want to identify and welcome Angelic or ethereal energies. Desert Rose is a crystal to use when you want to clear your mind, create an ethereal atmosphere around you, and tune into the higher vibrations and intuitive powers of the Universe. Desert Rose is a stone for achieving peace, grace, and happiness from deep within the soul and allowing that energy to positively flow through your 3 bodies in unison. Desert Rose Selenite allows for the spirit to flower and flourish, attracting positivity from all avenues to encourage growth.
Desert Rose looks like a stone flower and can be mostly tan, or tan and white in color. As with all Selenite, Desert Roses should never be kept in a humid or wet environment, as it will cause them to melt.

Desert Rose has many names. Among them are: Selenite Rose, Rose Rock, Rose Stone, Sahara Rose, Sand Rose, and Gypsum Rose.

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