Emerald Fuchsite

Metaphysical Properties of emerald fuchsite

Emerald Fuchsite is a healer's stone that promotes good spiritual health, well-being, cleansing & rejuvenation, and will bring balance throughout your life. The stone stimulates your powers of compassion, forgiveness, and love. When you meditate with the stone it helps you to overcome difficult voids, hurts, and anger that you may have harbored. Emerald Fuchsite has a special way of turning your focus to the most important aspect of your life at the time. It will give you immediate sight and connection with what you need to know in the immediate future for success. The stone provides targeted and specific clarity to ensure you are not overlooking a significantly positive opportunity that can change your life for the better. Emerald Fuchsite is a stone of happiness, promise and good luck while promoting healing and restoration in the process.

Emerald Fuchsite is a vividly green stone that can appear in a moss pattern, spotted, or brush-stroke pattern. It derives its coloration from the amount of chromium present in the stone and is actually a type of muscovite. Emerald Fuchsite is therefore called “Emerald” due to its green coloration, and not because of any inclusion of emerald gemstone within it.

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