Metaphysical Properties of epidote

Epidote is a reactionary gemstone that stimulates your awareness and insight. When you work with epidote you find your senses are more alert, observant, and active, allowing you to become more perceptive. If you are working on enlightenment this stone will stimulate the necessary areas of motivation for clearing the mortal thoughts and welcoming divine thought process and energy. It is a wonderful stone for understanding yourself and your link to the future, as well as building a greater wisdom about the world in which you live. Epidote allows you to access the Universal Consciousness and come to the realization that we are all one, interconnected. This expanded mindset brings with it a fuller capacity for love, compassion, and generosity.
Epidote is a dark green gemstone that can vary in hue from nearly black to a yellow-green. It is also known as Pistacite. Epidote usually appears in a columnar or tubular form that can be prismatic.

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