Ethereal Aura Quartz

Metaphysical Properties of ethereal aura quartz
ethereal Aura quartz is a stone that resonates strongly to the Astral Realm. It is a stone that is stimulating to your Astral Body and auric field, and it invigorates your bond and capability in working with Astral Magick; This includes Astral Traveling and Astral Projection. Ethereal Aura Quartz is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, as it helps you to look Beyond, to have a greater understanding of hidden knowledge, and to reach your Higher Self.

Aura Quartzes of any kind are a natural quartz base treated with titanium dioxide in order to create a beautiful iridescent shine. While this nearly-holographic gleam is not found in nature, they are a testament to human creativity and make beautiful gifts!

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