Fire Quartz

Metaphysical Properties Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz is an Elemental gemstone which resonates, understandably enough, with Fire. The stone ignites passion & lust within you while also helping you to clear negative influences from your life, giving you a chance to reinvent yourself and start fresh. This is a highly active gemstone, as it provides you motivation and desire to make positive changes, remove bad habits, and become the best version of yourself. It is a bold and passionate stone that will support better self-image and help you build stronger confidence. Fire Quartz is a gemstone that works through the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, strengthening feelings of stability, security, and empowered sexuality.

Fire Quartz features red or rust-colored inclusions within clear or milky Quartz. Most specimens feature hints or small streaks of this coloring, but extremely high quality ones possess more “fire”, often mixed with internal fractures that cause internal rainbows. These exceptional specimens are sometimes referred to as Crackling Fire Quartz.

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