Gold Quartz

Metaphysical Properties of Gold Quartz
Gold quartz is a gemstone that vibrates at high frequencies within the 3 bodies. It can unearth the hidden and little-known gifts that exist within you and can reveal the hidden hurts that need to be healed. Gold quartz is the perfect stone for working with more in-depth forms of Spiritual and emotional healing, as it helps us to recognize, confront, and accept the truth. It channels negative energy away from you and allows for building positive energy from within. As a sourcing stone it uses the natural power within to activate any unspent energy around you, channeling it into positive avenues which can instill peace, focus, joy, and grace from your core. It is a stone that promotes well-being, happiness, and enjoyment by bettering your situation and helping you to attain those things of which you have always been capable.

Gold Quartz features pale yellow to deep orange coloration, and may appear as streaks or splotches within clear quartz. It can have translucent clear or yellow areas within the stone, or be a deep orange. Gold Quartz is sometimes referred to as "Golden Azeztulite.”

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