Graphite: Stone for Writers and Scribes

Graphite: Stone for Writers and Scribes


Stone for Writers and Scribes

Quartz Tower with Graphite Inclusion

A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the storytelling Graphite.


Graphite, a mineral made entirely of carbon, has been used in industrial lubricants and pencils for a while now.  Graphite is a polymorph of diamond. Although both are made of carbon, diamond is extremely hard while graphite is extremely soft. This is due to the difference in their crystal structures. At high temperatures, graphite does become very hard and it is a candidate material for working in high-temperature environments. An important material derived from graphite is grapheme. Stronger than steel and more conductive than copper, it is somewhat of a super material capable of many things. It can also work as an insulator, a relatively recent finding. Graphite's ability to leave a mark resulted in artists using it, but of course graphite also has a long history with pencils.

Scientific Information 

Graphite Pronunciation: /ɡræfaɪt/

Hardness: 1-2

Lustre: Sub-Metallic

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Etymology: From the Greek word “graphein” meaning “to write”

Location: Global

Graphite and Quartz

Metaphysical Properties

Graphite speaks to creativity, thought, and imagination. This stone helps people in expressing themselves, and as such is a common stone for creators. 


  • Stone for Creativity
  • Stone for Organization
  • Stone for Thought
  • Stone for ideas

For those who wish to bring out the inner muse, graphite is an excellent choice. 

The Wrap Up

Graphite's properties for tapping into the inner artist is nothing new, the world has hundreds of years of art to show for it. There is no surprise that where there is creation, graphite isn't far away. Even in terms of practicality, graphite has more uses than just scribbling away, the writing is on the wall. 

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