Green Aragonite Crystal Properties use and Meaning

Green Aragonite Crystal Properties use and Meaning

Scientific Properties of Green Aragonite

Green Aragonite is a variety of aragonite, which can also refer to the rather large group of stones. The stone is known for its orthorhombic crystal system and vitreous luster.

Green aragonite is fairly soft stone, ranking only 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale, meaning that it is easily scratched. This makes Green aragonite an unideal stone for jewelry, as it could be prone to easy damage.

Pronunciation: /ɛɹəɡɑnaɪt/ (er-uh-gahn-ite)

It is named after Aragon, Spain.

Common misspellings: Aregonite araganite arogonite eragonite

The chemical Formula is CaCO3

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Metaphysical Properties of Green Aragonite

In the realm of crystal healing, a practice rooted in spiritual and metaphysical beliefs rather than scientific proof, aragonite is often revered for its potential to foster personal growth and deepen one's connection with Mother Earth.

For those intrigued by the possibilities of aragonite in their spiritual or personal development journey, combining it with specific complementary crystals is believed to be advantageous by crystal healers. Integrating aragonite with stones like Calcite crystals, Amethyst stone, Phantom Quartz, Malachite, or Blue Calcite is thought by some enthusiasts to enhance its perceived properties. These combinations are believed to create a synergistic effect, amplifying what are seen as the energetic benefits of aragonite.

Each crystal is chosen for its unique attributes, according to crystal healers: Calcite is celebrated for its cleansing and reenergizing qualities; Amethyst is linked to tranquillity and intuition; Phantom Quartz is thought to assist in personal transitions and growth; Malachite is associated with transformation and protection; and Blue Calcite is believed to bring soothing and calming energies.

Experimenting with these crystal combinations can be a path of personal discovery for those interested in the art of crystal healing. It offers an opportunity to explore what many believe to be unique, energetic interactions while recognizing that experiences and perceived effectiveness can vary widely among individuals.

Green aragonite stones in bowl

Green aragonite can be grey-green to leaf-green, and has a waxy appearance. It sometimes layers with other colors of aragonite, giving impressive contrast, especially when Orange Aragonite is present.

Aragonite, a crystal revered in spiritual and metaphysical communities, is believed to hold a significant connection with the seven chakras. According to practitioners, it influences and transforms chakra energies in unique ways. Here is a detailed exploration of how aragonite is thought to interact with each chakra and its perceived effects:

  1. Crown Chakra: Aragonite is believed by practitioners to facilitate a rich and deep spiritual foundation. It's thought to enhance spiritual wisdom and act as a guiding stone.

  2. Third-Eye Chakra: Through its interaction with the third-eye chakra, a green aragonite crystal is said by practitioners to expand awareness and clear out blockages.

  3. Throat Chakra: Green aragonite's impact on the throat chakra is associated by crystal healers to give one clarity in thought and guide them in meditation.

  4. Heart Chakra: Aragonite is also said by practitioners to help anchor one's emotions and help them find their spiritual truths.

  5. Solar Plexus Chakra: This crystal is associated by practitioners with charging the other chakras.

  6. Sacral Chakra: Aragonite is thought by practitioners to promote creative expression and unlock creative potential.

  7. Root Chakra: Grounding is a key aspect of green aragonite's interaction with the root chakra, according to crystal healers. They also claim that aragonite stabilizes the root chakra. 

Crystal healers say green aragonite possesses notable qualities that can elevate the experiences of astral travel and lucid dreaming. By working with aragonite, crystal practitioners claim individuals may experience a heightened ability to explore the astral realm and engage in lucid dreaming. By using aragonite, crystal healers say individuals may find it easier to engage in astral realm experiences.

They claim that this crystal acts as a conduit, connecting the individual to the universal mind and promoting a deeper connection with higher realms.

macro shot of Green aragonite stone

Furthermore, crystal healers claim that aragonite can enhance the experience of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming refers to the state in which one becomes aware that they are dreaming, enabling them to actively participate and influence the dream environment. Crystal healers state that aragonite's energy is thought to promote a clearer connection to the subconscious mind, increasing self-awareness within the dream state.

The Wrap Up

Crystal healers claim that green aragonite is a crystal that can protect the wearer from negative energies and vibrations while bringing positive energy into their lives. Superstitions held that it could ward off evil spirits.

The stone is fairly soft, meaning that green aragonite is not exactly the best stone for jewelry purposes. If used for jewelry, it could be prone to scratches, so it is important that the wearer be mindful of their surroundings while wearing this stone.

While the benefits of green aragonite are not scientifically proven, some individuals may find it to be an invaluable tool in enhancing their intuitive abilities. As with any alternative healing practice, it is important to consult with a qualified practitioner and approach with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism.

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