Green Aragonite

Metaphysical Properties of Green Aragonite

Green Aragonite brings a calming energy to your mind, spirit, and body, helping you to balance your chakras and tap into the organic energy within your core. Green Aragonite is a lovely stone with positive vibes that help you see the beauty in your life and work with the blessings you have been given. It is an exceptional grounding stone, imparting stability and security to help you feel calm during stressful situations. Green Aragonite is a perfect stone to meditate with if you want to connect yourself to the heartbeat of nature. This stone is also an amplifier for positive emotions and does well to help you find peace and motivation when you have a life goal or dream you wish to accomplish. Green Aragonite soothes frenzied and stressed thoughts, helping in problem-solving and decision-making by providing a steadier mindset.

Green aragonite can be grey-green to leaf-green, and has a waxy appearance. It sometimes layers with other colors of aragonite, giving impressive contrast, especially when Orange Aragonite is present.

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