Green Chert

Metaphysical Properties of Green Chert

Green Chert is a stone of the heart: encouraging feelings to grow and emotional intelligence to flourish. Green Chert is a great stone to work with when forming new relationships. It is a stone of happiness, self-confidence, and security. Green Chert encourages feelings of contentment, love, gratitude, and hope. By maintaining this mindfulness, it becomes easier to work in cooperation with others, reach compromises, and strengthen partnerships. Green Chert opens the heart to accepting and valuing the differences in others, promotes attentive and compassionate behaviors, and helps those who want to leave their insecurities behind. Green Chert reminds us that it is alright to ask for help, and that everyone is deserving of love and respect.

Green Chert is an opaque green-grey stone which can appear in a pale hue to a leafy green. It may feature inclusions or internal fractures at times, as a natural part of its growth pattern.

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