Green Opal

Metaphysical Properties of Green opal

Green Opal is a gemstone that rejuvenates the 3 Bodies in unision. If you are feeling discouraged, unmotivated, or lost in your life Green Opal can invigorate and motivate you. The cleansing power of Green Opal allows you to purge the darkness within your mind and heart and promotes love, peace, and serenity. spiritual guidance, strength, and connection are qualities that Green Opal brings to the surface, encouraging you to move forward in life and seek meaningful attachments. Green Opal opens the Heart Chakra, reading you for compassion, cooperation, and all forms of love.
Green Opal is a gemstone of varying shades of green. Some green opal stones can have fire in them while others simply are a mixture of pale to moderate shades of green, accentuated with brown. Green opal can appear cloudy and have an organic look. Due to the growth patterns of stones in the opal family, green opal is prone to natural pits, caverns, and bubbles.

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