Green Phantom Quartz

Metaphysical Properties of Green phantom quartz

Green Phantom Quartz is a mysterious stone with a high energy output. It is a stone for those who want to engage in self-evolution and continuing to grow within spirituality and mysticism. Associated with the Crown Chakra, Green Phantom Quartz can serve as a focus when seeking the Universal Consciousness. Green Phantom Quartz is a stone that helps us to accept ourselves, accept others, and accept changes in our lives. The stone has a constant and steady energy rather, which important for working with willpower, integrity, and destiny. Green Phantom Quartz also opens us to new opportunities, drawing luck into our lives.

Green Phantom Quartz features green-grey inclusions (often Chlorite) within Quartz Crystal. These inclusions may be small and pale, or may give the entire crystal a distinctive green fog within. As with all forms of Quartz, it may feature other inclusions or internal fractures.

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