Green Sardonyx

Metaphysical Properties of Green Sardonyx

Green Sardonyx attracts good fortune and positive energy to your life. It helps you to see opportunities for prosperity and good luck that you might otherwise have overlooked. The stone has a natural, balancing energy that guides you to be in tune with your surroundings and find a happy medium in your life. Green Sardonyx is a joyful stone that is great for grounding and for working with the Earth element. This stone can help you establish lasting relationships with those you love through positive reinforcement and positive thinking. Green Sardonyx is the stone of finding compromise, cooperation, and peaceful interaction with others. It facilitates happy connections between family, friends, and lovers.
Green Sardonyx is light green to dark green in color and can feature banding or stripes of shades of green, ivory, or beige. It is also known as Green Sardian Onyx.

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