Herkimer Diamond

Metaphysical Properties of Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond clears all blockages within the Chakras, allowing spiritual energy to flow freely through the 3 bodies. They clear passages and create new connections between the conscious and subconscious minds for realization and wisdom when it comes to the more powerful states of awareness with the metaphysical. Working with Herkimer diamond activates your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, which can bring intense visions, psychic revelations, and connection to the Universal Consciousness. When you hold or wear a Herkimer diamond, it provides incredible clarity of mind and focus for meditation or rituals.

Despite being called “diamond”, this is actually a name meant to show their clarity and beauty. Herkimer Diamonds are exceptional quartz specimens, sourced from Herkimer, New York, and are considered a more ethical alternative to Diamonds.

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