Metaphysical Properties of Heulandite

Heulandite is a gemstone that resonates with compassion, harmony, and balance. It is a stone of consistent energy levels making it perfect for work with crystal healing. When used in meditation practices, it awakens the mind for understanding and is used as a gateway for enlightenment. Heulandite helps us better understand our emotions, our self-imposed limitations, and our fears. This heightened self-awareness awakens a sense of security, as we become better at navigating stresses or difficulties that used to paralyze us emotionally.

Heulandite is a pastel gemstone whose coloring can be green, peach, or white, the most common color being peach. It is often mistaken for Stilbite, as they are both Zeolite minerals and have similar physical properties. In the past, Heulandite was also referred to as Euzeolite.

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