Honey Calcite

Metaphysical Properties of honey calcite

Honey calcite radiates energy from your Sacral Chakra upward, to stimulate your Third Eye & Crown Chakras. Honey Calcite provides insight, awareness, decisiveness, spiritual and Sensual growth, and a path to Self-Actualization. It instills confidence and provides a motivational focus that helps you to move past difficult times in your life. Honey Calcite is a stone of triumph and growth. The stone guides you to embrace your divine and ethereal power and reach out to the Universal Consciousness. Honey calcite opens your mind to new philosophies and understandings, encourages sexual expression and freedom, and calls on you to embody the qualities of leadership that earn respect.

Also known as Amber Calcite or Gold Calcite, the color of Honey Calcite can range from a pale yellow-gold to a deeper caramel shade. It may feature bands of lighter coloration, or of White Calcite. Due to the growth pattern of Calcites, they are prone to natural pitting and striations.

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