Hubnerite | Information & Properties

Hubnerite | Information & Properties

Hubnerite | Information & Properties

Hubnerite, or huebernite, is tungsten bearing mineral of the wolframite group. It is a brittle mineral with dull colors ranging from gray to brown to black. Some are reddish-brown or have streaks of cooler hues like blue or green. Crystals are bladed and bear iron. Hubnerite is and was discussed frequently in scientific journals like many minerals that hold important metals such as tungsten and iron. In the early 20th century, as industry continued to grow and improve, heavy machinery needed heavier metals to produce goods. Tungsten, which is a very hard metal, was sought after for use in machinery. 

Hubernite is also spelled as hübnerite or as hüebernite.

Scientific Information

Misspellings: Hubernite, Ubernite, Huebernite

Pronunciation: /hybnəraɪt/ (hewb-ner-ite)

Hardness: 4-4.5

Lustre: Resinous, Metallic, Adamantine

Crystal System: Monoclinic

Etymology: Named after Friedrich Hübner

Location: Global

Image of three hubnerite stones against a plain background

The Wrap Up

Hubnerite, or huebnerite, may not be the most popular stone, but it is a surprisingly useful and handy one. If this is your first time reading about the stone, we hope that you learned something about this fascinating stone!


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