Iolite Properties & Use

Iolite Properties & Use

Iolite, also known as cordierite, is a stone that boasts a stunning blue-lavender hue, and it is held in high regard for its beauty in the world of gems and jewelry. Technically, cordierite is the proper name for this mineral. However, iolite is the more common term within gemology. Neither is wrong, and each has its use in their respective industries.

The stone is also known by a few nicknames, but the most famous in history is probably "water sapphire." Although it is incorrect, the name came about as certain specimens could look a lot like sapphire.

Iolite is a seven on the Mohs scale, and while a high-quality specimen of iolite can be cut in a way to unveil rich blue-violet beauty, the stone is an uncommon—but much appreciated—treat in jewelry. When fit into a ring or pendant, one can easily see just how amazing the stone looks. As if that was not enough, the stone features strong pleochroism, meaning it appears to have different colors under certain angles in the light. However, due to a lack of consistent, high-quality sources, its cleavage in one direction, and the skill required to cut the stone, iolite will probably remain a niche stone for some jewelers.

Iolite chips in heart bowl

Aside from jewelry, iolite, or cordierite for that matter, has few applications. However, iolite may have use in certain ceramics, but that really seems to be the extent of its industrial authority.

Under capable hands, a raw piece of iolite can be cut into a gem of magnificent beauty, and that cannot be stressed enough!

Metaphysical Properties of Iolite

It is imperative to note that the assertions made by the crystal healing or metaphysical community regarding the healing or spiritual abilities of stones lack scientific evidence and endorsement from healthcare professionals. We strongly discourage the use of crystals as a replacement for professional care or treatment. Scientific evidence does not support the notion that specific crystal formations or colors offer any benefits beyond the placebo effect.

While meditation offers some benefits, it must not be considered a substitute for conventional, verified medical practices. It is critical to always seek assistance from medical experts for health concerns. The use of crystals or meditation should never be perceived as an alternative to seeking expert medical or health advice, treatment, or expertise.

Crystal healers believe that iolite is a motivational stone that helps you to organize your life path, achieve your goals and dreams through determination & focus, keeps you eager for success in life, and will help you to better manage your financial life. Crystal healers believe that it is associated with both the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, and they say that iolite is a powerful gemstone, a conduit for both seeing and speaking the truth. Crystal healers believe that if you are unlucky in life, iolite is the gemstone that can remove hexes, curses, and jinxes. Crystal healers say it drives away all negative attachments and reinforces your energy with positive power. The crystal healing community says that if you are stumped for answers, have writer's block, or feel an overall lack of creativity, then iolite is the gemstone that can help reactive your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. It is said to be a great gemstone for anyone who wants to work with past life memories, past life recall, or ancestry connections, as it carries powerful cordage between the Realms.

Tumbled iolite stones in glass bowl on wooden log prop

The Wrap Up

Iolite is a beautiful gemstone that many love in jewelry for its rich blue-violet hue. The stone rarely, if ever, sees any kind of artificial treatment since it's just that mesmerizing on its own. If you're looking to pad out a collection of blue and purple stones, then you may want to check out the iolite stone!


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