Jasper Stone Properties & Meaning


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At its core, jasper is only a variety of chalcedony. This still encompasses a lot. So much so that people have derived numerous varieties of jasper, with the most basic being in the form of colors, such as black jasper, red jasper, blue jasper, and so on. Others are much more precise, such as brecciated, ocean, silver leaf, and more.

Jasper is an immensely broad yet highly versatile stone in terms of appeal or looks. Sure, one could argue that "jasper" is too poorly defined to mean anything itself. However, it is in its breadth and scope as a mineral that we find something quite like the "vanilla" flavor of stones.


As a variety of chalcedony, jasper ranks a solid 6.5–7 on the Mohs scale, making it fairly ideal or jewelry. Given its abundance and sheer scale of variety, it's not surprising that jasper jewelry is extremely common. Jasper is often quite opaque, however, and those who like those brilliant shining gems may not be easily appealed by jasper. Still, it has earned its status as a fairly hardy stone deserving of its reputation and ubiquity.

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But jewelry isn't all jasper is used for. The stone is frequently cut and carved into various pieces of crystal decor, such as animals, beads, towers, orbs, and other items. Certain large specimens might even work as bookends or small statues.

While jasper is a wide-reaching stone, its profusion has led to a lot of misidentification. This can range from something simple, like black jasper being mislabeled as black agate or onyx, to something long-lasting and virtually irreversible, such as dalmatian jasper, which isn't really a form of jasper at all.

At any rate, these stones are immensely popular and common. Though some find the stone to be stale or not very interesting when compared to the brilliant diamond or exotic tanzanite, it has a beauty of its own that we enjoy here.

Metaphysical Properties of Jasper

It is important to keep in mind that the following are claims made from spiritual guides, spiritual communities, metaphysical crystal communities, and ancient or historical texts that speak to the supposed properties and values of stones, and the following purported metaphysical properties are not necessarily reflective of our beliefs, and they are not endorsements of their properties or claiming that they are alternatives or even means or methods of alternative healing. They are not substitutes for professional help in means of medicine, finance, health, spirituality, or other forms of expert care, and we encourage our readers to seek expert council and advice.

The following claims about jasper are:

"Jasper is a versatile gemstone that can facilitate positive change and help you discover new paths towards self-awareness. It is a pass-through stone that cycles away negative energy and draws positive energy in to replace it. The beauty of Jasper comes from its many hues and shades of the rainbow. Jasper can be dramatic with splashes of many colors, contrasting colors, and patterns. It also exhibits many soothing, muted shades. Jasper offers harmony and balance, with each type of Jasper playing to specific strengths. Jasper is a stone that can bring happiness, self-confidence, and awareness of blessings."

The Wrap Up

Jasper is an immensely popular stone that comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Whether you like black jasper or ocean jasper, there is bound to be some kind that an individual likes. It's just so common and has so many varieties. We hope that you liked this blog! Thank you for reading!





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