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Larvikite Properties & Information | Crystal Gemstone Shop


A guide for the history, meaning, metaphysical uses, purposes, crystal healing, and properties of the lustrous larvikite's rare, gorgeous, and highly prized. Various people use it in design and décor to bring life to counters, tabletops, and so much more. It's not a surprise that it is used to make places look so darn pretty!

What is larvikite? Technically, larvikite is an igneous rock and is specifically a type of monzonite. It sure is pretty, though, for a variety that most people probably have not heard of.

Image of two larvikite gemstone mushroom carvings

Many quarries are in Norway, but very limited localities exist elsewhere. Most, however, would say that true larvikite must come from Larvik in Norway.

What makes larvikite so appealing is its “schiller” effect. This is when the stone gives off a shimmer when tilted or viewed at an angle. Some people ask if larvikite is the same as labradorite. This is almost certainly due to the fact that both have the same "schiller" effect. However, no, they are two completely different stones with two different compositions.

Scientific Information 

Listed below are larvikite properties. This stone is really, really old. But it certainly looks like it hasn't aged a day.

Image of a hand holding tumbled larvikite gemstones showing off the "schiller" effect.

Pronunication: /laɹvik-aɪt/ (lar-veek-ite), or, /laɹvɪk-aɪt/ (lar-vick-ite)

Hardness: 6-6.5

Lustre: Pearly

Crystal System: N/A

Etymology: Named after the town of Larvik, Norway, the type’s locality.

Where is Larvikite Found? Larvik, Norway. Other locales suspected, but many would say that "true" Larvikite comes from the Norway locale.

The larvikite stone is truly unique and pretty. Honestly, we can see why so many people love it. It's probably not going to go out of favor any time soon. The most lovely aspect of all larvikite properties is still the gorgeous schiller effect.


Larvikite Metaphysical Properties

Larvikite is said to be a stone for self-evolution and helping one let go of negativity. The larvikite stone is also said to unlock hidden wisdom and encourage creativity. In short, the larvikite metaphysical properties are:

  • Stone of Wisdom
  • Stone of Imagination
  • Stone of Growth
  • Stone of Self-Evolution

Those who are on a spiritual journey may like larvikite if they find these metaphysical properties as relevant to them. But remember that these metaphysical properties are not verified by scientific evidence.

Image of hand holding three larvikite hearts

The Wrap Up

Larvikite is an exceptionally pretty stone with a popular and beloved phenomena. If you love exotic stones or flashy stones like labradorite, you may find this stone to be a special kind of treat!

Image of a set of larvikite palm stones


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