Metaphysical Properties of Leopardite

Leopardite is a jasper that drives connections to our primal selves, our ancestral bonds, and the beginnings of our time here on Earth. It is a gemstone of reflection and self-awareness that helps you to see deep within your soul and nurture the paths of self-acceptance and self-awareness. Working with Leopardite strengthens your sense of self-worth and facilitates confidence during times when others are trying to tear you down through judgment, gossip, and negative behaviors. Leopardite is a stone that instills balance and security within the self.
Leopardite features bold patterns in tan, dark red, dark brown, grey, gold, and orange. In some specimens, the “spots” of the Leopardite may form small pits or depressions, which other specimens are smooth to the touch. Leopardite is sometimes called Leopard Jasper, Leopardite Jasper, or Leopard Skin Jasper (although there is another, entirely different stone that already has this name).

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