Opalite | Gemstone for Communication

Opalite | Stone for Communication

Opalite is a magnificent and pretty stone with a rainbow of colors. Opalite remains as one of the more popular manmade stones, and it is not hard to see why! 

Crystal History

Opalite has a very brief history since it is a relatively new stone. That said, there is more to the story than just making the perfect piece of opal.

Opalite crystals have a longer, though still not long, history when you consider what "opalite" originally meant. Some may want you to believe that opal has always been a term to refer to artificial opal or opalescent glass. However, this is not entirely true, as "opalite" has referred to generic and not-flashy pieces of opal for longer than the manmade kind has been around.

On the bright side, their nature does lend to them being put into many different forms. Thus, we get pretty items like opalite spheres, opalite towers, and piles of tumbled opalite stones.

Image of Opalite Orbs in a small dish

Today, the term opalite now refers to the manufactured variety that we know and love. That said, opalite is still a comprehensive term and can refer to different kinds of manmade opalite. Some use it to refer to a synthetic opal, some use it to refer to a glass imitation, others use it to refer to any common pieces of opal, and others use it for almost all of the above.

Due to the nebulous terminology, it is essential to check your seller and see how they are defining "opalite." Here, at Crystal Gemstone Shop, we will always disclose whether or not a stone is manmade or not.

Crystal Questions

Is opalite manmade? Opalite is a generally manmade stone. However, some natural formations do exist. These are, however, rare.

What does opalite do? In terms of practical use, opalite crystals and stones do not have much value. Some, however, believe that opalite has metaphysical properties for healing, prosperity, and luck.

Scientific Information

Pronunciation: /oʊpəlaɪt/ (oh-puhl-ite)

Etymology: Mix of "Opal" and "lite."

Due to the way "opalite" is defined, we cannot give an accurate representation of the stone's scientific properties.

Image of Faceted Pieces of Opalite on a Leaf Dish.

Metaphysical Properties

There are many metaphysical and healing properties assigned to opalite. Many believe it to be a calming stone with the ability to heal, build confidence, and bring prosperity.

Many use it for meditation in an effort to be put in a more calm and relaxed state.

  • Stone for Calm
  • Stone for Peace
  • Stone for Relaxation
  • Stone for Prosperity

The Wrap Up

Opalite is a very common and beloved stone by many for its claimed properties of bringing prosperity and peace. While the name itself has some ambiguity for many, we at Crystal Gemstone Shop will tell you whether or not our stones are manmade.

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Image of Three Opalite Points




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